Best destinations to work as a digital nomad in the United States

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The United States will always be a dream destination for many people. And not only to travel, but also to work, although sometimes this can be difficult, there are always options to achieve it. If you are a digital nomad, you work remotely and you want to turn the land of opportunities into your workplace, you should know which are the best places in the United States to work as a digital nomad.



Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

This city has it all: not too big and not too small. With 446 bridges and built on the convergence of three rivers, it represents the golden age of steel production in the country. In the 20th century, most of the population left the city, but it still contains dozens of museums and infrastructures that, to say the least, will leave you amazed.

Now the city attracts a new type of worker: Google , Amazon or even Microsoft have their headquarters in this city. That is why digital nomads have seen in this city a perfect place to settle. You will not have a problem with slow connections or coworking places where you can continue undertaking while enjoying a new culture and city.


Durango, Colo

mountainous city ideal for digital nomads for whom skyscrapers are not a first option. Its San Juan Mountains tower over the city along the Animas River with their bright blue or red Moab arches.

Two elements were the reason for its colonization: gold and silver. But soon, the villagers realized that the mountains had even more value. Now , it is one of the largest cities in Colorado and stands out for not being constantly overrun by tourists.

In the city center you can find several coworking spaces where their owners will be delighted to welcome you to a place as unexplored as it is calm and rich in culture. Hundreds of trails at the gates of the city that will allow you to work in the morning and continue enjoying in the afternoon. (Or vice versa).


New Orleans, Louisiana

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New Orleans always has something to offer. There is always someone ready to convince you to join in the fun that characterizes the place. New Orleans is older than even the United States.

As a digital nomad you will be able to alternate the colorful cafes on the site, with cuisine ranging from sandwiches to Vietnamese cuisine.


Northern California

Do you like to take the van and do kilometers without really caring what time you arrive? Take your car or the means of transportation with which you feel comfortable and prepare to enter the oldest forests in Northern California. (This will be your best Kit-Kat moment)

In these forests you can camp freely without anyone controlling you or telling you that: Get out of here!

If you are a digital nomad and you are looking for a quiet place where you can work and from time to time, merge with nature, in this place you will be able to see your dream come true.

Areas along major highways have 4G (We’re telling you already that you won’t be able to videoconference between the redwoods) And when your battery is running low, you can charge it at one of the gas stations or coffee shops nearby.


Santa Fe, New Mexico

If what you like is to enjoy good weather all year round, you will have no problems in Santa Fe. This place is characterized by having more than 300 days of sunshine a year . Good dose of vitamin D!

In the city center you can admire the incredible skyscrapers, together with the Spanish colonial architecture or the farmers’ markets that, even today, operate in railway stadiums. All this, peppered with historic Native American towns that dot the landscape and make it a perfect place to live and work.


Glacier National Park, Montana

Nature in its purest state together with a good Wi-Fi signal. Who gives more? This combination has made Glacier National Park in Montana one of the first spots digital nomads flock to.

Its panoramic views of the mountains and huge lakes attract hundreds of tourists every year. (Nothing to do with other places in the United States). You will have no problem accessing a 4G signal in many locations.

In addition, you can park with your van or vehicle for long stays. For all these reasons, Montana is a perfect option if you are looking for nature and the opportunity to advance in your professional career in the same place. And it is that, working between snowy peaks and pine trees, is something that every digital nomad should do at least once in their life.


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