Best destinations to work as a digital nomad in Spain

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Do you have a remote job and want to try that of working from anywhere in the world? Are you passionate about the idea of ​​working with your computer touring Spain? Without a doubt, this country hides impressive corners in all its autonomous communities, in fact, you would be surprised by the variety of environments, landscapes, gastronomy and culture that this country houses. However, if you want to go grain, then we will tell you which are the best destinations to work as a digital nomad in Spain.

Technology, with the arrival of the internet, has given a giant boost and even more so in the last decade. It is no longer difficult to meet a person who works with a computer from anywhere in the world: they are digital nomads , people who do not give up on their dreams and want to work for a living (and not the other way around).

Spain is one of the favorite places to work as a digital nomad. And it is not for less… Spain is a spectacular country with a culture, gastronomy, climate and unique environments that attract the gaze of many remote professions from all over the world.

But… Which cities specifically?



Barcelona is not only the second largest city in Spain, it also has everything: mountains, sea, a large community of entrepreneurs and startups, leisure activities, cultural heritage… In fact, Barcelona is the city with the highest number of expatriates in the entire world. country.

It is a dynamic, modern city open to the public. The second city that has more coworking spaces and also a city where you can take your computer and spend the whole afternoon in a Brunch cafe.

Barcelona is one of the cities with the highest number of creations in Startups in Europe. That is why many foreigners have decided to make this city their residence to work as a digital nomad.



It is the capital of Spain, and therefore, the most populated. If you like to be in the center of the hurricane, professionally speaking… Madrid is ideal to carry out your projects and one of the best destinations to work as a digital nomad in Spain. It won’t be difficult for you to find a wifi café, coworking spaces or hundreds of groups of entrepreneurs or nomads like you looking for a helping hand. (or potential partners).

Also, if you like culture and learning, you have enough for 100 more lives: Madrid is home to the most important museums in the country and monuments that will simply make you daydream.

Where is the “but”? Like any big city, Madrid is an expensive city . Renting a tiny apartment can cost you more than €1,000 a month.


Canary Islands

320 days of sunshine go a long way. The Canary Islands are coveted around the world and not only for their climate: their cost of living is affordable, you have a wide range of leisure activities, the rents are not excessive and you can afford to have a good standard of living without leaving half a salary.

Tenerife or Las Palmas de Gran Canaria are a paradise if you are a digital nomad . That is why every year there are more expatriates in these places. Magical places where, of course, you will not lack the inspiration to create.

But not everything will be business. In the Canary Islands you will also be able to enjoy a rich gastronomy, a varied cultural offer, leisure, active and cheerful people… Do you need more reasons?



One of the best known regions around the world. If you ask an American what he knows about Spain, he will surely name this part of the country. We cannot keep just one region of this community because all of them really have a lot to offer if you are a digital nomad.

From the magical mountains of Jaén to the fine sand beaches of Huelva . Andalusia has something for all tastes. Seville, Malaga or Granada are the best known cities and they all have that special magic characteristic of the region. However, the rest of the cities have a charm that can compete with any of them. The cost of living is relatively cheap and it has an internet network.

Now, Malaga is one of the rest in terms of having a large community of Startups and digital entrepreneurs, in fact, some of the largest digital companies in the country are located in Malaga, including Google .



Do you think that Valencia is only known for its admired paella? She has so much more. Valencia is a perfect option if you want to work as a digital nomad, but without the (sometimes prohibitive) prices of rentals in big cities.

You will be able to enjoy a pleasant climate throughout the year, parties until the wee hours of the morning and the best thing: a perfect environment to unleash your most ambitious projects.

Beaches, architecture and an ideal environment to settle down for a long time.


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