Best destinations to work as a digital nomad in Turkey

digital nomad turkey

Turkey has become a famous destination for digital nomads. The climate, the cost of living or that special essence that this country offers, are just some of the reasons why it attracts the attention of professionals from all over the world. And it is that, digital nomadism is a trend that continues to gain followers. A new way of life for thousands of people that has become a more efficient, productive and, above all, versatile way of working, as well as one of the best options for working in the world. Here we tell you which are the best destinations to work as a digital nomad in Turkey.


Turkey: Ideal for remote workers

Turkey has plenty of charm for travelers of any kind looking to settle down for a longer period of time. It has good weather in most of the country, good internet infrastructure and something especially important for digital nomads: good coffee.

Turks are known for being personal, hospitable, friendly, sociable and spontaneous. That is why it will not be difficult for you to make a place for yourself among them and be one of them.


Where to stay?

Within Turkey there are also many ways of life. In rural areas you will find a more economical and solitary way of life . In the cities, accommodation will be more expensive, but you will also have more support from other digital nomads like you and, of course, better internet coverage.


Best destinations for digital nomads in Turkey

Let’s see below what are the options to work remotely from Turkey.



One of the main destinations when traveling to Turkey. About 12 different regions along the entire peninsula with their own characteristics and linked to their mythical transport system: dolmuş : shared taxis / buses that run established routes within and between cities.

The center of Bodrum is made up of winding streets full of cafes, museums and cocktail bars. A perfect place if you like leisure and culture. In fact, in this city there is no shortage of concerts, theaters or cinemas.

The “less beautiful” part is that the price of housing is somewhat expensive and the traffic is quite heavy, especially in the summer months.



Located in the east of the country, Marmaris is a still unpolished gem and one of the destinations to work as a digital nomad in Turkey. It is a tourist city especially in the summer months and in it you will find different places such as the Içmeler neighborhood , popular with the European expat crowd.

It has a spectacular trail for walking or cycling, which means that if you like to play sports, you will not be short of places to do it. “The bad thing” is that there are hundreds of young digital nomads and there are not so many cafes for everyone.



digital nomad instanbul

It is the cultural capital of the country . A lively and perfect city if you are looking for emotions, neighborhoods full of people and areas, stories where you can get lost. Istanbul is a city that has it all. Of course, it is one of the most expensive cities in the country and if you do not like to put up with traffic, you may have to opt for other options.



One of the destinations to work as a digital nomad in Turkey along the southern coast of the country. Fethiye is a port city where you can find from luxury accommodation in cabins or even tree houses. This area is also famous for being the main paragliding center in the country.

It is a mountainous city, with impressive views and cafes from which to work. You’ll find several accommodation options and suburbs like Hisaronu, popular with the expat crowd. The downside: The further east you go along Turkey’s southern coast, the hotter and more humid the weather becomes (something that may or may not be a problem)



It is situated along the coast of the Aegean Sea. It has several neighborhoods (from the most bohemian to the most alternative). And if you like Windsurfing you are in luck, this city is very close to Çeşme beach. A paradise for lovers of this sport.



Digital nomad antalya

Another of the most touristic cities in the country. It is located on the eastern Mediterranean coast and consists of a castle and an ancient city with a yacht harbor. In addition, it has a wide variety of neighborhoods and suburbs popular with European expats. Cities like Kaş offer the opportunity to live close to the center, but without the burden of living in the center.

Alanya is also a popular destination that, like Antalya, is equipped with affordable accommodation throughout the year . This is because it is still a place unknown to digital nomads and has one of the hottest summer climates in the entire country. It houses huge all-inclusive hotels to accommodate the region’s tourist-style guests. It seems like a good option to move, don’t you think?



It is the capital of the country . It has totally virgin roads, infarct buildings, museums, parks… This city is mainly occupied by expatriates, it is an ideal option to raise a family . Let’s just say the pace in this town isn’t slower.

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