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Time to find more and more remote job opportunities that allow you to work from home or from anywhere in the world with a schedule independent of the office.

Remote jobs are ideal for digital nomads who want to travel the world , work from different destinations, and live the life they’ve always wanted. Although when talking about remote jobs the idea of ​​a backpacker traveling the world may come to mind, this type of job is aimed at all those who want it. You don’t have to be on the go all the time.

Many people prefer to work from home and a remote job is ideal for this. Not having to comply with office hours and the loss of time involved in traveling from one place to another to go to work, having to choose the clothes to wear every morning or spending more money than necessary on breakfast, lunch, transportation …

Remote jobs are here to stay . This type of employment is also known as telecommuting, remote work, remote work, online work, work from home … Increasingly, companies are beginning to realize the benefits that remote work brings to their employees and even to their own Business.

Among the countries that hire more workers remotely, the United States and England stand out. However, this modality is spreading to other countries around the world.


Which professionals can work remotely

Now, surely you are wondering if your profession allows you to work remotely from home or from anywhere in the world. The list is very extensive.

It is true that the majority of jobs, or at least, the most demanded remote job offers by companies, are related to digital jobs . In fact, the fundamental tools of a person who works from home or from anywhere in the world remotely, is a  computer and a good internet connection.

Marketing professionals, developers, writers, copywriters , engineers, designers , support services, virtual assistants , translators , analysts, finances, human resources,… are some of the professional areas that can work remotely.

If you think remote work is for you, take a look at this list of the best web portals to find remote jobs.


Advantages and disadvantages of remote work

When it comes to working remotely , there are a number of advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of.

Advantages of working remotely

The main advantages of working remotely are:

  • You can work from home or wherever you want . You do not need to go out, spend money and time on commuting, etc.
  • You can reconcile . It is an ideal way to spend more time with the family and watch your children grow. By working from home, you can work at specific times, it is not necessary to sit in front of a computer for 8 hours straight.
  • You have more time for yourself . By working from home, you will be saving a lot of time, an ideal time to dedicate to yourself, playing sports, going to the gym, playing the video game console, doing your favorite hobby, or basically, dedicating time to whatever you want.
  • Offshoring . You don’t have to always work from home, one of the great options of remote work is that you can work around the world, either traveling as a digital nomad, or simply changing your workplace.
  • Increases productivity . People who work remotely are more productive, there are studies that prove it. The good thing about this is that you can do the same work you do in an office in less time. You can choose your work schedule, as long as the projects are delivered on time.


Disadvantages of working remotely

Not everything is a bed of roses, working from home also has disadvantages. For example:

  • insulation . It is one of the most serious symptoms when working remotely. However, if you get to this point, you can always go to a coworking space and work together with other people at least once a week.
  • distractions . A house is a space full of distractions: children, partner, pets, Netflix, the fridge, the neighbor… The work space in each person’s home is different, as is your ability to avoid distractions. If you are a person with a tendency to be distracted… it may not be a good option for remote work.
  • Increase in household expenses . Obviously, if you spend more time at home, your expenses will also increase. However, if you think about it, you probably spent more on commuting and so on when you worked away from home.
  • Lack of organization . Lack of organization can become a problem when you work from home. If this is your case, there are plenty of tools that can help you solve this.
  • Communication problems . Sometimes if you don’t have face-to-face contact with a person, it can lead to communication problems. When working digitally it is normal, there may be misunderstandings. The only solution is to be as clear as possible when you communicate.


The best websites to find remote jobs

Below we leave you with a list where you will find the best websites to locate remote jobs and be able to work from home or anywhere in the world.

To access each of the websites mentioned, you just have to click on the link in the title.


It is one of the best known websites to search for remote jobs. You can find different job offers ranging from full-time jobs to freelance employment opportunities.


RemoteJob is the largest community of professionals who telecommute. Here you can access dozens of remote job offers. It is updated every day.


One of the best web portals to find remote job offers. A very simple website where you will find a list in which to know all the opportunities.


It is a well-known website to locate job offers in almost the whole world. The portal has a section where you can access remote job offers. At the time of writing this post, there are over 2,500 opportunities.

A web portal dedicated to StartUps. Here you can find a section of remote job offers in Startup from around the world. You just have to access, browse the list of job offers, know the requirements, and if you meet them, apply for said position.


The well-known web portal for Spanish job offers also has a section to locate remote job offers . The good thing about Infojobs is that you can find opportunities in Spanish companies that offer this type of job.


In there are many options to work remotely from home or anywhere in the world. These opportunities are published in the Jobs&Travel section  as well as in the job offers section .


On this website you can also find an extensive list of remote work opportunities for digital nomads. Jobs that you can do from home or from anywhere in the world.


It offers an important list of opportunities to work remotely. From customer service jobs, to design jobs, marketing, engineering, development, human resources recruiter, writers…


SkipTheDrive is aimed at all those who are looking for remote employment opportunities. Jobs often referred to as telecommuting, remote work, online work, virtual work, or working from home. This is what they say at the beginning of their website.


At Remotive you will find a great list of opportunities to work remotely from anywhere in the world. In addition, they also have a blog where they offer relevant information for people who already work in this way.


A website designed for digital nomads who want to find a remote job from anywhere in the world. The website offers the option of uploading your resume so that companies can see it.

Virtual vocations

It is a small American company that revolves around telecommuting. In this web portal, in addition to finding information about the companies that offer this type of employment, you have access to a list of remote job offers.


A list of remote job offers. You can filter jobs by recruiters, job level, job type (sales, marketing, design, development…), etc. A very simple and intuitive page.


The website offers a list of remote employment opportunities. In addition, you can learn about companies that offer this type of jobs as well as read some of the articles related to the subject that appear on their blog.


PeoplePerHour is an English company founded in 2007 that has a platform that connects companies with freelancers who want to work online. Through this web portal you can find a multitude of projects aimed at professionals from different areas.


Work remotely with freelance jobs

Another great option to find opportunities to work from home or from anywhere in the world is freelance work. These go perfectly for remote jobs since you can carry them out from anywhere.

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