16 surprising things you should know about Switzerland

surprising things switzerland

Beyond the Alps, the Rhine Falls, its gastronomy or people… Switzerland always surprising people with things they didn’t know about that country. And for that… We want to put you to the test!

Think you know everything about Switzerland? In this list you will find information about Switzerland that not everyone knows and that, however, can become a topic of conversation at table.


It is not only known as Switzerland

Switzerland has several different names . Its English name means Land of the Swiss . However, if you travel to the country you can see everything from La Suisse in French to Die Schweiz in Germany . It is also possible until you come across its most curious name: Confoederatio Helvetica In Latin!


Has a different flag

Its flag is known throughout the world for the peculiarity of its shape: it is totally square 🇨🇭

Something that is only known in Vatican City.


It is one of the highest countries in Europe

It is covered by the Alps. This makes Switzerland one of the highest countries in Europe. Switzerland has a total of 208 mountains, all of which exceed 3,000 meters . Like the legendary Matterhorn that you can see in the Toblerone brand of chocolate.


If you like lakes… you will not get bored

If you are one of those people who enjoy photographing a lake or sitting down to contemplate it. You’re lucky! The country has more than 7,000 natural lakes . The best known is the one located in Geneva, but it will not cost you much to discover many others.


It is very “neutral”

Surely you already know that it was a neutral country during World War II. But his neutrality goes back further in time. After centuries of conflict, the different European powers decided that Switzerland was the perfect country to be neutral. Indeed, in 1815 Switzerland was declared a neutral country at the Congress of Vienna . And we hope this continues for many years.


But prepare “just in case”

Despite being the oldest known natural country, it is prepared for what may happen. One of their defense strategies is to load the main access points to the country with explosives of all kinds.

So when you pass through some of its bridges, roads or railways remember: They are ready to explode in the event of a war.

But he is not satisfied with this. It is also equipped with nuclear bunkers . In fact, many rural houses have one.


He still has compulsory military service

Switzerland is one of the few countries that still has compulsory military service. All Swiss citizens, over the age of 18, must serve in the army with refresher courses up to the age of 44.

And what about women? If they want, they can also serve in the army.


Switzerland is home to the world’s largest machine

Switzerland has a long history of science and engineering. It is home to the well-known Hadron Collider . The world’s largest high-energy particle collider was built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN.

Nothing more and nothing less than 27 kilometers long, very close to Geneva.


It also has the largest tunnel in the world

At 57 kilometers long , Switzerland’s Gotthard Tunnel is the longest tunnel in the world. It is located 2.3 km below the Alps and the objective of its construction was to strengthen the railway connections between the north and the south.

11,000 million euros and a total of 17 years to complete its construction.


What about the Swiss Army Knife?

We are sorry to tell you that the first Swiss Army knife was not made in the country. According to historians, the first Swiss Army Knife originated in Germany.


Switzerland has 26 regions

The Dirty Confederation has a total of 26 regions , known as cantons. These regions can be very different in terms of culture or geography. The most important region is Zürich and the least populated is Appenzell Innerrhoden.


It has four different languages

Despite how relatively small this country is, they do not settle for little. That is why it also has 4 official languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh . The most widely spoken is Swiss German. French is spoken in the west and Italian in the south.

In any case, it is not difficult to listen to conversations in English either. Above all, among the youngest in the country.


They do not allow any name

Surely in Switzerland you will not be able to hear names like Judas or Cain. By law, it is forbidden to give names that could harm the child’s future in any way.


They are a fan of chocolate

If you are passionate about chocolate you will know that Switzerland is one of the largest producers of chocolate in the world . In fact, chocolate is one of its main exports. It is estimated that they exploit more than 122,000 tons of the product per year.

But not only that, its people are also a fan of chocolate . That is why they have managed to improve their technique to turn it into world-famous chocolate.


They also love cheese

They don’t just enjoy a good piece of chocolate. They also enjoy their cheeses. If you travel to the country it won’t be difficult to see the children eating slices of Emmenthales and Appenzell stuffed into sandwiches or enjoying their famous cheese fondue.

They know how to take care of themselves!


It is a perfect place to live

If you are thinking of going to live in Switzerland… Don’t think about it too much!

It is a major change in your life. However, you will not regret it. Cities like Zurich and Geneva appear among the most livable cities for their quality of life, clean air or safety.

An assured bet.

Its 41,285 km² go a long way. We are impatient to know if you knew any of these curiosities or if you know any that have escaped us.


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