Study and work in New York: What you should know

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Known as the city of skyscrapers, New York is one of the most desired cities not only to enjoy for a few days, but also to live, work and create a project for the future. If you are passionate about this city and want to live surrounded by lights, celebrities, tourists and vitality, then you will find information to study and work in New York.


How much does it cost to live in New York?

First of all, it will be to look at the prices of this city, since it is not a cheap city, in fact, it is one of the most expensive in the world.


As a general rule, the accommodation is usually around €3,000 per month (A very average apartment). And it doesn’t end here, most tenants are going to ask you to prove that you have money “to spare” to pay the rest of the months.


Transportation is one of New York City’s strengths. You can get into one of the thousands of taxis that are offered or opt for cheaper transport such as the subway, with which for about $30 a week you can move around the city without any problem.


meal in the middle of the street can cost around $15 and a simple coffee will easily cost you $5. Another option is to opt for a take away (food to go) that will cost you about $1,000 per month. A bottle of water in a restaurant can cost you around $4, and a breakfast around $15.


As for telephony, a telephone line has a cost that usually ranges between $40 and $100 per month. All depending on the rate you want and the company you hire.


It is not exactly cheap to study in New York . Among the best-known universities in the country you can find:

  • Columbia University – American private university located in Upper Manhattan, New York.
  • New York University (NYU) : Located private university. It has become one of the largest private universities in the United States and the world.
  • Cornell University : An academic institution of higher education that belongs to the prestigious Ivy League. It is located in Ithaca, and has two other campuses, one in New York and one in Doha.

To give you an idea, the tuition price at New York University is $47,750 per year . As you can see, it is not suitable for all mortals.


What is needed to study or work in New York?

Next we are going to see what is needed to study or work in this destination.

Student visa in New York

Do you still think that it is not possible to enjoy New York and study at the same time? This city has something for everyone. Of course, first of all, you will have to access a student visa that will give you a great advantage when it comes to getting the visa as a worker.

In New York there is a high academic offer . From English courses to university careers. Therefore, depending on the type of study you are going to do, there are several types of visa:

  • Visa F1 : Visas that are granted for academic studies. That is, regulated studies or English courses and have a maximum duration of 2 months.
  • M-1 Visa : This visa is intended for purely vocational training . Its duration is only 1 month.

None of these visas will allow you to study and work at the same time . So, if you were thinking of looking for a job to pay for your studies, this is not your visa.

work in new york

There are many people who perhaps have a consolidated career or who simply want to try their luck in “the land of opportunities”. First of all, it is important that you have several points.

You will not be able to practice without a work permit. To do this, you must apply for the Green Card with its consequent requirements:

  • Be over 21 years old.
  • Have a contract beforehand by some American company.
  • Demonstrate that the position cannot be filled by Americans.
  • Being an artist, athlete or scientist of prestige.

How to look for a job in New York

New York is a city of opportunity . Although at first glance it may seem like a rather complicated destination to find a job, there are always opportunities. To do this, you can use this guide to looking for a job in New York where you can learn about some useful options and resources.

On the other hand, you can take into account the Employment Agencies in New York , a useful resource that can help you a lot to find a job, even if it is just starting out, in this North American destination.


Work and study at the same time?

Working and studying in New York at the same time is possible, but it is not easy. It is not allowed to do it simultaneously.

How to get it then?

There are English courses that offer the opportunity to work right after you finish. It is impossible that before taking the first course you see, you make sure that it is something legal, since there are many scams with this.


Once installed… What do I do in New York?

If you have already decided to change the course of your life and settle in New York as your place of work or studies, you have to think about what you are going to do in your free time.

Here are some of the hundreds of options out there:

Stroll through Central Park

New York is the perfect proper to refer to the word city. And sometimes, the bustle of a city can “saturate”. So when you’re done with work or school, enjoy walking Central Park’s trails. Take the bike or lie down in the Sheep Meadow with a picnic.

Board the Staten Island Ferry

It is not just for tourists. New Yorkers love the Statue of Liberty and you can learn to love her as much as if you were already from there.

Would you like to see his face without paying a penny? (or dollar).

Hop on the free Staten Island Ferry . You will see how as it moves away from Manhattan you will see some amazing views and the statue of liberty very close.

Take a museum tour

The Met, the MoMa or the Museum of Natural History . Treasures of the city that you can visit whenever you have some free time.

And the best of all is that no matter how much you visit them, you will always discover new things.

Go to one of their musicals

In the theaters of Times Square and Broadway every night you have mythical musicals and plays with which to have a good time.

So if you don’t know what to do when you get off work, hitting Broadway can be the “final act” to round off the day.

Do you like basketball?

If you are passionate about this sport, you are in luck. New York has one of the most famous teams in the world: The NBA.

But not only that. You can also enjoy baseball, ice hockey or American football games. There are to choose from!

Go shopping!

There are hundreds of stores where you can shop, from clothing to electronics. Woodbury Common, Jersey Gardens of Empire Outlets, on Staten Island are outlets where you can buy clothes and accessories at a good price (since we are talking about one of the most expensive cities in the world).

And if you’re hungry…

Are you more of a hamburger, pizza or bagel with cream cheese?

In New York you will not have a problem enjoying its peculiar gastronomy. But not all are sweets and donuts, there are also renowned restaurants such as: Eleven Madison Park (Yes, it prepares more than 200 $ per cover).

A day is a day!


Summary on studying and working in New York

Let’s see a brief summary about studying or working in this destination:

  • You cannot work and study in New York simultaneously
  • If you decide to work and study at the same time, you could be deported.
  • Be careful with agencies that offer courses to study and work at the same time in New York.
  • There are no special visas to combine both.

A dream for many and a reality for not so many. Living in New York is not easy, it requires “economic comfort” or a great desire to undertake and learn.

In any case, there is only one person who can decide if it is easy or difficult: YOURSELF.

Remember that if you want something, you can get it. Effort, patience and dedication : Three words that you have to repeat whenever you want to achieve a dream.


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