What to study to be an expert Data Scientist

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If there is a profession that is making its way in giant steps, it is that of Data Scientist. However, not everyone knows exactly what to study to become one and become a sought-after (and well-paid) professional.

Generally, these types of professionals come from numbers careers such as statistics, computer science or mathematics (so if you don’t like numbers, you may want to consider other possibilities). But for a few years there has been a specific race as we will see below.

We are going to tell you what the offer of studies is in the sector and what requirements and skills you must have to work as a Data Scientist.

What do you have to study to be a Data Scientist?

Everything seems to indicate that this profession is not a passing fad. The industry is going to need 90,000 experts in artificial intelligence and data analysis in the coming years.

University education

To work in this profession you will have to have knowledge of different areas: from programming, to statistics or engineering. As you can see, it is a race where numbers are everything.

The degree in artificial intelligence and data engineering has positioned itself as one of the careers with the most job opportunities at the moment. And it is not surprising, more and more companies and even public bodies need to carry out exhaustive studies and analyzes to assess different strategies.

Other studies that can lead you to become a professional in the sector are:

  • Systems engineering degree.
  • Informatics Engineering.
  • Computer’s science.

Specialized courses

Studying a specialization course in data analysis can also be the starting point to become a Big Data professional. On the internet you can find a great offer to train online or in person anywhere on the planet:

With these courses you will learn to collect and manage information to analyze it with special programs such as Tableau or PowerBI. Programs that require patience when learning its ins and outs and being able to draw the best conclusions.

In addition to this type of visualization programs, it is also necessary to learn basic programming languages ​​for Big Data such as Python. And if you don’t like Excel, it will be time for you to make peace, because it is one of the most used programs to organize information.

How much does a data scientist earn?

The average salary of a Data Scientist is €38,700 gross per year (just over €2,000 per month). In the United States (as we are used to), the salary skyrockets to $100,000 a year. 

What skills do you need to be a Data Scientist?

When you finish your studies you will be able to say that you handle Python and R perfectly . You will be able to create exhaustive models that are capable of analyzing behaviors or anticipating different movements or events . In fact, Data Scientists have been protagonists throughout the pandemic. Thanks to them we have been able to infer the behavior of the feared and hated COVID-19 virus.

Excel and SQL will also become your best friends to manage and query different databases and Python and R will help you to analyze them.

These are the skills you will need to be a Data Scientist:

  • You must be someone methodical.
  • Patient and eager to improve.
  • Be critical and reflective.
  • resolution capacity.
  • Have the ability to synthesize.
  • Have communication skills.
  • Know how to work as a team.

And then?

Once you finish your studies you will have the opportunity to choose the sector that you are most passionate about or that you are best at. From science to engineering, through learning or even architecture.

The next step will be to prepare your curriculum vitae , renew your LinkedIn , create a RemotoJob profile and start making contacts until you find a company that knows how to see and value all the hours you have spent in front of your computer.

You can research companies in the sector to find out what kind of professional is working right now and start introducing yourself on social media. Do not forget your cover letter , it may be the runner-up that gives value to your proposal and makes you the chosen one.

Another option is to search for countries that demand this type of professional. According to one of the latest studies carried out by Accenture, Brazil is the country with the highest demand for employment in the sector.

The technology sector is not only booming, but it is going to be the star sector of the future. If you are passionate about the world of programming, numbers do not resist you and you want to bet on a well-paid profession with projections of “climbing the steps”, studying Data Scientist may be a more than feasible option.


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