Specific skills to work remotely

skills to work remotely

Working from home can be a dream for many. After all, waking up quietly, having breakfast and getting going in the next room doesn’t look too bad. However, in this life, it is necessary to be worth everything. And by assertiveness, we mean certain specific skills for working remotely that will make you more likely to get things done more comfortably.

If working remotely… Congratulations! You belong to a small sector of the population that has already been able to see all the benefits of teleworking . But if you have not yet taken the step and you have a certain “respect” in case this way of working is not for you, we are going to tell you what the specific skills are for working remotely.


Know how to organize

The basic key. Build new habits . Cost. But once you establish them it is very easy to do. To know how to organize yourself, you must set a schedule, some objectives and above all… fulfill them.

In case you are hired by an external company, they may (or may not) set you a fixed schedule. Then you will have no choice but to fulfill them. If you work as an entrepreneur , you will have to be the one to set the rules . And it may seem easy, but it costs.

Avoid Distractions

If you are one of those people who are distracted by a fly (literally). Imagine the thousands of distractions you can have at home: from the refrigerator that calls you from the kitchen to the video game that you just bought and is still packed waiting for you.

To avoid this type of distraction, you can use little tricks like turning off your mobile phone, blocking certain apps or setting alarms that indicate when to start and finish a certain task.

To be disciplined

Working from home requires a lot of discipline. To be a boss you have to be worth it, to be your own boss too . Nobody is going to be watching you or asking you if you are done with the X company report. You need to learn to be “strong-minded” and that there are two keys to working for someone else: time and perseverance.

If you really want to start or build a business from scratch, you are going to need both.

Taste for learning

Imagine that you have just started a coaching service. It is not just the fact of opening an Instagram account and starting to upload content. You will have to know how to manage that content, create a website, search for users and above all, know what you are talking about.

In the case of the coach, you must become an expert in that type of sector. This requires prior training on your part. Appreciate the thousands of resources on the internet: from books, to courses or conferences. The Internet is your greatest source of information.

Love for order

When you enter the room where you work, do you want to go back to bed? Order is a necessary requirement to work remotely . Not only for the feeling of peace of mind it brings. Also because it makes your job easier.

And we are not just talking about “physical” order, like having the bed made or the clothes in the closet. We also talk about digital order. That is, having emails in folders or important documents correctly distributed on your computer. They are small things that, without a doubt, can make your life much easier.

Know how to stop (Skills to work remotely)

Working remotely has a danger: not knowing how to stop. Living a few meters from your office means that on many occasions you spend more hours than you should working.

Hence the importance of setting a schedule and sticking to it (for more and for less). If you set yourself an 8-hour workday, do not get up at 3 in the morning to finish a design that you had pending.

Be aware that it is your home as well as your office

One of the key points and in fact, the most difficult when working remotely. When you work from home and especially if you live with someone like your partner or your children, it can be difficult to combine both aspects. Knocks on the door that ask you if you are missing a lot, the washing machine waiting for you or your wife waiting for you to pay attention to her.

Talk about this with the other people who live with you . Explain to them that you are not hanging out on the computer: you are working . It will cost them to understand (and more if you have small children), but it is vital to be able to combine your personal life with work.

Do you have these skills? Then you already have the keys to work remotely effectively and achieve the success you are looking for.



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