What is the Salary of a Teacher in Spain

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The teaching profession is one of the most demanded not only in Spain but throughout the world. And it is that teaching has “that special magic”, that way of comforting that makes it be admired since childhood. But let’s be honest: we don’t just want to have a fulfilling job, we want to have a fulfilling job that pays well. So if you are wondering what is the salary of a teacher in Spain , stay with us.

We tell you everything!


How is a teacher’s salary measured?

The Eurydice report is the one that analyzes the salary of teachers within the European Union. This is studied taking as a starting point the base salary in both public and private schools.

In Spain, we occupy the ninth position of the best paid teachers by countries within the European Union. On average, around €34,000 for high school teachers. In Spain a teacher can take no less than 39 years to reach the salary ceiling. Something that Denmark achieved in just 15 years.


Salary structure in Spain

Within the same salary there are different sections that are going to determine what is received each month.

  • Base salary : On the one hand, we have the base salary. In the field of education, the base salary will depend on the type of teaching.
  • Years of experience : On the other hand, we have years of experience. In the educational field every three years (triennium) the salary goes up.

The educational level of the teacher himself can also increase the monthly salary. If you have more specialization, you will charge more.

Each community also sets certain salary supplements . And at this point the differences can be abysmal. For example, working in the Canary Islands can have a reward of up to €900 extra per month. (Depending on educational level)


Salary according to level of education

As far as salary is concerned, teaching university students is not the same as teaching primary school students (although each has its particular difficulty).


Early Childhood Education

The average salary of a child education teacher is €1,970 gross per month. However, thanks to the aforementioned three-year periods, up to 2,400 euros per month can be reached.


Primary education

Primary school teachers belong to group A2. They have a base salary of €1,020 and a destination supplement that can reach €500 plus one depending on the community.


secondary education

Teaching authentic “hormonal bombs” is better paid than in previous levels. This type of master belongs to group A1. That is why his base salary is €1,179. With the accessories they can reach €2,300 per month.


Vocational training

The average salary of a Vocational Training teacher is €2,300 gross per month. The years of experience and the place of residence can increase this salary up to €30,000 per year.


University teacher

The average salary of a university professor is €2,000 per month. A professor can earn up to €6,000 gross per month. It all depends largely on the point, the experience and the type of university.


The salary of a teacher according to the locality

A teacher from Cádiz does not earn the same as one from Asturias. These are the maximum and minimum that you can reach at the national level according to each training level.


Primary education

Máximo: Teacher of Primary Castilla la Mancha €2,130/month
Minimum: Primary Teacher Concerted School €1,850/month

Secondary Education

Máximo: Basque Country Secondary School Teacher €2,870/month 
Minimum: Asturias Secondary School Teacher €2,330/month

Vocational training

Primary Teacher Castile-La Mancha €2,130/month
Primary Teacher Madrid €1,950/month

University Professor

University Professor €47,300/year
Public University Professor €45,100/year
Private University Professor €40,400/year
Associate Professor University €14,300/year

Now you know what the average salary of a teacher in Spain is . Let’s trust that, little by little, these salaries become more similar to the rest of Europe and we can place ourselves in the first positions.

It would be a very good sign!


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