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Working creating web pages is one of the options that are presented to work from home or from anywhere in the world, in addition, there is a lot of work for it. Now… Are you thinking of learning programming and don’t know where to start? Do you want to know what are the different programming languages ​​to make web pages? Through this article we tell you what are the available options.

The world of programming has evolved so much that anyone can create a web page

There are more than 2 billion web pages on the internet. Blog, online stores, forums, online schools, institutional pages… There is practically no company, no matter how small, that does not have an internet presence. However, the base programming language is still there, and we are going to show you which are the main ones.


What is needed to create a website

A web page is not created by magic. Although nowadays it is quite easy to do it with CMS like WordPress , it makes life much easier, especially for those people who do not know programming and do not want to start learning about it.

But if you want to go further, or you just like to create from scratch, you’re going to have to learn to program.

Within programming with code, we have static pages and dynamic pages .

  • In static pages there is no interaction, only information.
  • In dynamic pages , users can interact with different elements (they are the most common).

There are dozens of codes to program and create websites, but the best known are: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Python, MySQL.

Do you dare to see them?


Main web programming languages

We are going to see below what are the main web programming languages.


Websites with HTML

HyperText Markup Language or what is the same: HTML. This is the mother language of all the pages on the internet. This code is what generates the structure and content.

There are those who do not consider this language as a true programming language. This is because its use is based on labels that indicate the content.

Surely you have seen them on occasion: they are labels like:

< h1> Title < /h1>.

It is not very difficult to become an expert in this language, since it is summarized in some basic rules. With this simple language, you will be able to build your page and preview it.


Courses to learn HTML:

However, this language has fallen short. Now, videos, images and network interaction is paramount. Thanks to the following code you can have a much more elaborate website. Let’s say it is the complementary language.


Websites with CSS

Cascading Style Sheets or CSS is a programming language that allows you to modify the structure of the web to use it together with HTML. It is basically a graphic design language to define and create the presentation of a written structured document.

It is not very complicated either if you dare to learn it. (It all depends on the base you start from, of course). Of course, you will have to spend a few hours in front of the computer to fully understand how it is structured.

Courses to learn CSS:


PHP: Create dynamic pages.

This language is designed to generate dynamic web pages . That is, pages in which the navigator can actively interact.

To have an active web page, you must register all the information in a database so that the page is capable of displaying the information according to what the user requests. The language itself will manage the type of information that is on a website.

This language will allow you to generate information. For example, when a user subscribes to your site or sends you a message.


Courses to learn PHP:



The JavaScript language is the one used to generate pages where the user can interact. Not only is the information processed, the page comes alive with welcome messages or thanks. In addition, it allows the production of pop-up windows with which, for example, to invite the user to subscribe to the web.

It is about creating an interactivity between user and page . In this language it is the user and not the server who takes control.

Courses to learn JavaScript :



This is one of the most complete but also complex programming languages ​​to make web pages. It allows you to link a website to software with which to execute a large number of functions. This language is the one used, for example, by YouTube, Instagram, Netflix, among others.

A complicated language, but with which you can do great things, like your own video game. In addition, you have a lot of demand for employment.


Courses to learn Python:



This language allows you to manage the information on the internet . In this way you will be able to consult email messages from clients or people who have registered within your portal.

It is not as difficult as Python, but it does require some other programming course to be able to do a certain action.

Courses to learn MySQL:



Here you have a good guide to programming languages ​​to make web pages as well as some links to courses so you can start practicing from home at your own pace.

As you can see there is no better or worse programming language. It all depends largely on how you want your website to be and the employment expectations you have.

Of course, the more complicated your website will look much more professional and you can boast that you have created a website from scratch, and not only that, it will be an impressive resume for companies.

Do you already know what language you are going to program your website with?

We want to see the result!


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