This is the perfect photo on LinkedIn

Perfect photo linkedin

Through this article we are going to reveal to you what the perfect photograph on LinkedIn looks like. You should know that photography is a very decisive point for them to see your profile, therefore, we bring some tips so that they do not leave your profile behind.

Before reading this article any further, open your LinkedIn account and take a look at your profile picture (if you have one).

Does it remind you of the last beach vacation?

Or better yet… The last party with your friends?

We go wrong…

But calm down! That’s what we’re here for. We are going to explain to you how your LinkedIn photo has to be so that it borders on perfection.


Do not put photo

Main mistake.

There are still people who think that the photo on LinkedIn is not important and that what really matters is your resume, your courses, your qualifications and your experience. A profile photo is not just another image: this photo will give you more visibility, a much more professional character, you will be able to convey more with it and, in addition, you will create a brand image.

There are studies by the hand of the social network that testify that many profiles are discarded in the first place for not having a photo. So, whether you are handsome or less graceful (it doesn’t matter), put a photo following these recommendations and the rest of the recommendations.


Remember it’s YOUR LinkedIn photo

perfect picture linkedin

LinkedIn is a social network that has more than 500 million professionals looking for contacts. These people need to know who you are talking to or who you are. So the first thing you should pay attention to is that only you appear in the photograph . Neither the arm of your friend, nor your cousin in the background at the last wedding you attended. Don’t crop a photo because you look good.


Put a serious and professional photo

It’s great to have a sense of humor and be someone who loves to dress up, but this fact is not really going to add value to whoever sees you. Forget photos in which you go out in a photocall, drinking a mojito or lying on the beach. The idea is that the photo you choose for your online profile is made in a professional environment.



Just because it’s a professional photo doesn’t mean you can’t smile. A sincere smile gives confidence and will help you get more contacts (contacts that may include your future boss).


Be careful with those funds.

Remember that you should be the center of attention , nobody OR ANYTHING else . Imagine that you put a photo where you come out alone (good), you come out smiling (good), and professionally dressed (great). In the background you can see a monument that draws attention (badly). The person who sees your photo will spend more time trying to see where you were, than looking at you and your profile. This is not the perfect picture on LinkedIn.


Forget the selfies

Who hasn’t ever taken selfies? We have all wanted to make a few minutes of models putting on “lips” or an interesting face. Leave these selfies for your personal contacts and prevent them from falling into public hands.

You don’t have to look like an Instagrammer, you have to look like a professional wanting to take on the world. So avoid weird angles, take a good look at the camera and above all… ask someone to take your picture.


Watch the locker room

You don’t have to go to the extreme of putting on a suit to get the perfect picture on LinkedIn, but it’s not a good idea to go out in a bathing suit or a Depeche Mode t-shirt either. Keep it simple: a simple one-color t-shirt is more than enough.


App to know how good your LinkedIn photo is

Now that you have your ideal photo, let’s see… How much will it score? How do you read it! There is an app that will help you find out how good your photo is for the largest professional social network on the internet.

Extra! An app to know how good your LinkedIn photo is

It’s called Snappr Photo Analyzer . An American app that uses artificial intelligence to determine the quality of your image. Analyze the smile, look and jaw. Analyze the Zoom and the background, look for a balance between the contrast, the saturation and the image… Cross out! You get a score out of 100 of the quality of your image for LinkedIn.

We are curious, what percentage did you get?


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