Learn to code: A guide to know where to start

learn to code

If you want to work from home or around the world carrying your work in your backpack. Or you just want to learn a skill that will lead you to a good job with highly competitive salaries and many employment options, you have to learn to code .

We are sure that you have been able to verify (according to your years) how technology is no longer as it was 20 years ago or even less than half a century ago. Slowly but surely, computers have been installed in our lives and are practically a tool that we use every day.

And that’s why programming is one of the most important skills you can develop. Either to improve as a professional or simply for the pleasure of developing your own software.

However… learning to code can be intimidating.

You like challenges?

With time, dedication and a simple internet connection you can easily learn to program.


What programming languages ​​should you learn?

To learn programming you will need to know at least one coding language. This type of “language” consists of a set of rules and syntax that the computer will understand. There are hundreds of languages, and each of them has a purpose. However, some are much easier to learn than others.

Next, we are going to show you which are the simplest programming languages ​​to start learning to program.



HTML is the foundation of the internet. It is used to configure the content of a web on the network. In fact, when you load a certain link, what is loaded is an HTML document

This language is very useful to test if the world of programming is made for you or not. Perhaps you are less familiar with its “sister” language, CSS. Let’s say that HTML manages what content looks like on a website, but it doesn’t affect how that content appears. This is where style sheets or CSS comes in which handles features like colors, fonts, or even full layout.

Both are easy to learn, since in part you don’t need to use complex logic.



This programming language converts a static web page into a dynamic one . It is the language that allows the elements of a web to do things like move or react to the actions of a user.

If you are interested in developing a website and have some idea about HTML and CSS, this language is the next step.



It is not as simple as the examples shown above, but it has become a well-known programming language among beginners in this field. Much of this code is read in English, which helps principals better understand fundamental concepts.

Still, Python also has many code libraries or groups of rebuilt functions that you can plug into your script instead of writing them manually.



This programming language has more words than Python and requires users to manually write more code to accomplish a given action. However, it is very useful to know in depth what the most authentic programming consists of.

C++ is a successor to C. The syntax of C++ is similar to C with the addition of objects , a powerful variable type that makes it easy to program sophisticated applications. It is always better to start with C and then move on to C++.



Java is a language that is goal-oriented with a general purpose. Its language is easy to read and understand for beginners, so it is an ideal option to start with this world.

This language is normally implemented in Android mobile applications and is a base language with principles that can be applied to learn other types of languages.


How to learn to program?

Next we are going to see the different options that there are to learn to program.


Take online courses

Learning to program no longer requires you to go to an academy after taking the subway, and walk 10 minutes to get to the right place. Today there are thousands of programming courses that include everything from the most basic HTML to much more complex algorithms.

If you have no idea of ​​programming, start with the basic concepts and go step by step, savoring this magical world. Online academies like Udemy cover a wide range of CSS topics for beginners, intermediate, and advanced.


Watch video tutorials

You’ve probably seen a YouTube tutorial or two on how to cook a recipe or find cheap flights to travel the world, so why not do the same for coding?

If you are good at English, you can choose to subscribe to the Harvard channel on YouTube: CS50 . These options are great for determining early on if you’re ready to invest the time to learn a particular language.


Read books and e-books

If you like the traditional approach more and you are one of those people who still likes to underline and take notes, you can always opt for paper books such as:

And if you are traditional, but not so much. You can also opt for books in electronic format. A more comfortable way to have an authentic library in a single dispersive.


Find a mentor and a community

If you know someone who knows how to program (and is willing to teach you), ask them. There is nothing better to learn programming than having a trusted mentor.

On Twitter, for example, you can find a large number of professionals who share their knowledge and learning. Do a simple search and follow them.


Some tips for beginners

There are thousands of tips and it is you who must decide which one is for you and which one is not. No matter what or how you learn, the important thing is to achieve your goal. To do this you must:

  • Be patient. No one is born learned.
  • Help you with quality tools such as the Notepad++ or Sublime Text text editors.
  • Lay the foundation: It is essential that you fully understand each of the concepts before moving forward
  • Write clean code from scratch.
  • Google is your friend . If you don’t know something… Ask Google!

Ready to learn a truly international language?


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