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Learning to develop with WordPress can be a challenge that will open a large number of job opportunities around the world. It is the most widely used open source CMS in the world. A large number of web pages, blogs and online stores are made with this CMS.

Now… Would you like to know how to develop with WordPress to be able to offer this service and generate income from home or from anywhere in the world?

Next we are going to show you what are the first steps to learn to develop with WordPress.


First steps to learn to develop with WordPress

WordPress is becoming increasingly popular on the internet. In fact, it is the most used tool today to create blogs, web pages, ecommerce, portfolios, memberships… and more.

Learning to develop with WordPress can be done in several ways. For example, developing a website whose objective is to sell online is not the same as developing a corporate website. Knowing how WordPress works internally and how the content is structured is vital to develop “properly” and that requires two things : time and dedication.

These are the first steps you must take to learn how to develop your website:


Learn programming languages

To learn to program websites, you are going to have to have at least some “basic” notions of these programming languages.

  • HTML and CSS : Represents the basic languages ​​that you will have to know to develop any website, including a website with WordPress. These languages ​​can be difficult at first, but you will see that it really is based on a simple and orderly language. Once you enter their world it will be “a piece of cake”.
  • PHP and JavaScript : These languages ​​are somewhat more complicated, but necessary if you want to have a dynamic website. Specifically, PHP is necessary to develop your website with WordPress, however, JavaScript can be left for later if you start to get overwhelmed.

Courses to learn HTML:


Learn how to modify themes

The next step will be to learn how to modify themes (theme) to customize it to your liking: so you can customize both the menu, change plugins, or add Widgets. (You can also create your theme from scratch, without using templates) Now that’s programming your website.

How to modify the themes?

Based on programming languages. If you still don’t know very well how to do it, you can always learn by trial and error. That is, create a “training” website for yourself. Take a template and start modifying the code yourself to test and see the results.

It is important that you do not change the original files. Create a child theme or Child theme to make precise changes without fear.


 Modify a WordPress plugin

Another option will be to create a plugin. To change the code of a plugin you will not be able to create a child plugin . If you want to make a change to the plugin you will have to generate a new plugin from the code you want to modify.

Creating a plugin just requires something as simple as creating a .php file inside the plugins folder. Once this is done “only” you will have to put the files that are necessary to make the plugin work as you want.


Key concepts to learn to develop with WordPress

With these key concepts you can learn to develop with WordPress more easily.


Custom fields

This section is incorporated into the core of the CMS itself. With this element you can extend the structure of the articles. That is, add a source or even quote it.

What do you get with this? You can show that field wherever you want. If you don’t want to put it inside a block as WordPress usually “forces”, you won’t have to.


Personalized content

This element allows you to add more entities within the web. The CMS only has two types of content: posts and pages . Thanks to this element you can have any content within the page.

If, for example, you want to make a website to rent cars, you can create a content with the same name and insert custom fields: type of fuel, color, kilometers…


Template Hierarchy

This element is used to modify the appearance of the previous point. That is, to modify the custom content. You have created the content cars, now you will be able to create a template called cars-hybrids.php to control how it will be seen on the web.



We call the set of information to be displayed in each created template a loop . Very useful, for example, to obtain and consult databases with the content you have generated.

Learning to code with WordPress only takes one thing: time. If you make an effort and do thousands of tests you will see the results of seeing your own website, a website with your own DNA deserves all the effort and time invested.

We are looking forward to seeing how your website turned out!


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