How to make money with drones

make money with drones

It is no longer a thing of the future, drones have become one more element of leisure as well as a professional tool. Also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), they are one of the favorite toys of both children and adults, as well as a way of generating business for both start-ups and freelance professionals. In fact, according to the latest research, the drone industry is going to have a turnover of more than €60 billion in the next three years. Almost nothing!

And as the market continues to expand, so do the opportunities to grow in this sector. So, if you are passionate about technology and want to know how to make money with drones , these are the options available to you.

Sell ​​photography or videos

One of the most profitable ways to make money with your drone is to become a photographer offering quality photos to your audience.

What to do with them? You can sell them on different platforms to sell images, where many people are looking for your photo for their own websites or even to print them in advertising. It is true that there is a lot of competition, but there are not so many in photos taken from a drone.

Resort ads

Without mouth-watering photos, a resort is nothing. And for that, it is best to offer a unique perspective from the air. Incredible aerial views of a hotel located on a paradisiacal beach, whose photo you can take with your drone. (And get paid for it).

Photography for weddings and events

Surely in recent years you have attended a wedding in which at some point in the celebration they gathered you all together and made you look at the sky. At this moment, the small plane leaves ready to take the best photo of all the guests,

Many couples are willing to pay a good fee to take photos seen from the air. The key, in this case, is in addition to having notions of photography, having a good quality drone that allows you to obtain photos with good resolution.

Do drone racing

We have not gone mad. There are professional drone careers where you can earn a lot of money as a pilot. The drones will be the ones that process the video to the pilot while he tries to complete the route. It is not as easy as it looks! What we can tell you is that you can win up to $100,000 if you are good.

Sell ​​drone accessories

More and more people are passionate about these prodigies of technology. And more and more people need accessories to improve their drone or repair it (in case of a bad pilot).

You will be able to find a supplier to buy parts or new models at a cheaper price or to resell it on specialized platforms, in your own online store or apps like Wallapop.

Farm surveillance

It is no longer strange to see a drone flying over a farm of many hectares. With the increase in “vandals”, this technique allows everything to be watched safely and without having to travel tens of kilometers on foot.

Now, watchmen can sit back and watch the drone do its job and go after the thief in case he discovers anything out of the ordinary. You can offer surveillance services or even rent your drone for this type of farm.

Drone delivery service

The giant Amazon is already starting to use drones for its deliveries. And if Amazon has established it, very soon we will see how other large industries do it. Go ahead . Get a drone with integrated GPS, autonomous flight capacity.

Have you thought about starting with the first drone delivery company in your city?

Music videos

Actors, singers… More and more artists need this type of device to record scenes or music videos. Their ability to take aerial shots is something that, in the past, was only possible with a helicopter or crane.

So, if you like the world of entertainment, you can offer your services to companies or television networks.


If you are an expert in drones, you can help other people to be too. How? Create an online drone pilot academy. Offer courses or even open your own physical academy in a big city. For now there are not many!

Start a drone YouTube channel

Teaching all your knowledge on YouTube can be a good complement to the previous point. Opening a YouTube channel, in addition to being able to become your main source of income, is the best publicity you will be able to give yourself to perform other services.

How much can you earn with drones?

It all depends on the time you are going to invest in it. It is not the same to dedicate yourself full time than to do it only on weekends or in your free time.

To give you an idea, the average salary you can earn for providing your services (per hour) ranges from €50 to €250.

Making money with drones mainly requires three things:

  • Time to learn.
  • Money to invest in the drone.
  • Passion for technology.

If you have these three requirements, you will have what it takes to become a drone professional and make your hobby your main source of income.

You are only going to find a limit… The sky!



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