How to look for work online

look for work online

Are you still one of those people who go to companies to leave a printed resume? Don’t you know how to search for a job online properly ? Many companies, if not the vast majority, exclusively use email or specialized platforms to recruit employees.

So if you want to know how to look for work online and forget about impressions, you will need four things:

  1. internet (obviously)
  2. A computer .
  3. A good resume .
  4. Read this article .

Follow these tips.


Helpful resources for job hunting online

There are several ways to look for work through the internet, they are generally the following:

Social networks

Social networks such as Lindkelin , Twitter , Facebook or Instagram are a key tool that will help you position yourself as an expert in a certain sector and find a job more easily. Take them out.



Another useful method when looking for a job on the internet is simply to ask. Both in forums or chats, as with family or friends. Perhaps one of them can see an interesting offer on the internet and remember you. Every option is valid when it comes to getting the job of your life. (With Measure).



The Internet is a true paradise for the entrepreneur. It is no longer necessary to even have a large warehouse if you are looking to create an online store. Now you can work from the comfort of your home or from wherever you want and get a very good income.

And the best, working on something you like.


Prepare your job interview

Searching for work on the internet also requires that you plan when it comes to a possible job interview . Whether it is a face-to-face or online interview, it is important to prepare it properly and always taking into account relevant information about the company and the job.


7 Tips for looking for work on the internet

Here are 7 key tips:

What are you looking for?

The first thing you have to know for sure is what you are looking for . Normally, a job is sought according to the skills, experience or training of each one. Once you have this clear, start looking for job offers or companies related to your sector.


Position your personal brand

Everything you post on the internet is going to leave a mark, so be cautious. Search for your name on Google and see what appears, because it is precisely what will appear to recruiters who search for you. If you still do not have an internet presence or it is not related to your sector, try creating your blog , making a personal page or being more active on networks.



Don’t limit yourself to just one job search channel. There is life more than Infojobs . You can search for job offers even on LinkedIn or Instagram. If you diversify the options you will always have more possibilities of finding an ideal job for you.


Do not give up

Sometimes finding the job you are looking for, that job where you can say: “I love what I do”, can take months or even years. It is important that you are constant in your search and do not give up in the face of a refusal. What is yours will come.


Personalize your CV

Your resume is your letter of introduction to the world . It is relevant that it is updated, that it is clear and that it has really valuable information. If you are looking for a commercial position, they will not care too much that you have done a lifeguard course. So before you send out a general resume, customize it for the job posting. It is more “cumbersome” but more effective.

As for the cover letter , it is also important to highlight what makes you different from the competition and what you can contribute to them that others cannot.


Make a network of contacts

Search for people related to your profile. For that, social networks are a good tool. Follow people with positions of responsibility in the sector you would like to work for and share relevant information and articles of interest. It all adds up.



Identify the companies where you would like to work and send them an email or a private message introducing yourself. Have a proactive and determined attitude . First of all, tell them why you would like to work at that company and where they can see more detailed information about your career path.


Main portals to search for a job

These are the main employment portals to look for work online:


Remote employment

If what you are looking for is a remote job that allows you to do it from home or from anywhere in the world as a digital nomad, the way you search does not vary much, yes, the web portals to search for work do have other options.

Now that you know where to start looking for a job on the Internet, it’s time to get going to find your future job.


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