According to Harvard this is the perfect CV on LinkedIn

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If you are looking for a job, the first thing you should take into account is to prepare your resume so that it is perfect. This document not only serves to sign up for a certain job offer, it also serves so that each person who visits your LinkedIn profile can simply know your professional profile. Therefore, if you want to improve your CV, Harvard University has now published the keys to designing a perfect CV and creating the best profile on the web.


Harvard Tricks for a 10 Resume

Experts from Harvard University have done what they like best: study. So they have managed to find out how you can optimize a resume on the network in a simple way. From the profile picture to the summary or the “extras” that you can add.


Job title

The professional title , that is, the last thing you studied, is the first thing that a person will see (apart from your photo), when they enter your profile. According to Harvard professionals, it is recommended that in addition to occupying about 120 characters , it contains:

  • Professional approach . For example, if you are studying medicine… In what specific area are you specialized?
  • Professional role : It is important to make a special mention of professional roles, such as: SEO expert.


What about the photo?

It is essential that, if you want to be valued through this network, you do not leave the photography section blank . According to statistics, people who have a photo are also 14 times more likely that someone will see their profile.

It is advisable to dress professionally and, of course, without sunglasses or items that can divert attention from what is really important: you.


Your cover letter: the public profile URL

It is important that when it comes to getting a good profile on LinkedIn, you customize the URL of the public profile. This will help you both to have a good public image and, for example, to make business cards or even attach it as a signature within the email.


Make a short excerpt

It is one of the most important parts of the profile and many people tend to forget it. We refer to the section called: About.

In this section you must make a description of your resume that anyone can read in less than 30 seconds (quite a challenge). Keywords related to the area should be included so that, if someone searches for a specialist in a certain sector, you are the one who appears first.

Don’t know how to do it? Try to answer questions like: what are your gifts? What is your main goal? What skill do you want to be known for? What makes you special?


Add sections

If you want to improve your resume, you can add sections with different information of interest about your previous jobs or relevant training. From the publication you made in a valuable magazine in the sector, to courses, certificates or language level: everything that adds value.

The experience: key.

It is what we all know as part of the common curriculum. It is crucial that you put specific keywords. If, for example, you are an educational psychologist. Try to appear several times within this field (without going over). In addition, you can put the goal achievements directly and accurately.


What makes you different?

Another way to score points on your resume within LinkedIn is to include the different skills that make you different . Ask a colleague to validate them, they will serve as proof that this is true.



If you can get your old boss or an old colleague to recommend you online that would be great. Not only will you improve your profile, you will also gain something very valuable among your contacts: trust.


Links to web media

Another of the resources that Harvard proposes to have a perfect profile on LinkedIn is to expose different works carried out. A publication in the media, an interview or even a portfolio. This will be a good cover letter to others.


Create an efficient network of contacts

You should not only contact your old group of friends from the University. Contacting professionals with whom you have common interests or even joining groups related to your sector can help you strengthen ties. Who knows if your next contact will be your next boss at the company of your dreams.

Now that you know how to make a perfect resume on LinkedIn according to Harvard, you just have to go to the social network and start modifying what does not fit.


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