Digital Nomad in Peru, what should you know?

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Latin America is becoming an attractive environment, not only for tourism (which it already was), but also for digital nomads , people who work from their computer from anywhere in the world. And it is not for less, working as a digital nomad in Peru is a very tempting option since this destination has a fascinating culture and an unbeatable climate, in addition, it has cities that have it all and at a better price than Europe. All this has led it to become a perfect place to work and live.

Peru is located in the extreme west and has the wildest landscapes in this part of the American continent. That without counting its culture, its mythical festivals or its gastronomy.

But we don’t want to give you details.


Peru has a lot to give if you are a digital nomad

Peru attracts more and more travelers in search of a climate and a place where they can enjoy without limit. From the Andean peaks to the forests of the Amazon . A country where you can become a digital nomad while at the same time enjoying life with unique experiences.

In Peru there is a wide range of temporary offices or coworking spaces to meet with fellow adventurers and why not, meet potential partners, people who give you ideas or simply, fellow drinks and excursions.


Best cities to work in Peru

These are the best cities to work in Peru :


Lima is the capital of Peru and also the largest city in the country. It is a city with colonial architecture where there is much to see. That yes, distribute to spend heat and see little or nothing, the rain. In the midst of vertiginous buildings there is another parallel life: museums, art, gastronomy and culture to spend time and time of experiences and moments to enjoy.


Arequipa is a city located on the southern coast. It is located right in the middle of 3 volcanoes (don’t worry, this one is inactive). It is the second largest city in Peru and an area that attracts millions of tourists every year. It is smaller than Lima, however, you can find from natural places to experience the wildest nature to spaces to work and continue climbing steps.


Internet and coworking spaces

On the internet, the speed with which you can navigate is just over 6.0 Mbps. The least bad part is that you will find free Wi-Fi in most of the local cafes.

There are not many coworking places, but little by little, this lifestyle and work is growing with the arrival of young digital nomads who see this destination as the perfect place to start their journey.

coworking spaces


What to do in your spare time?

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If after your working day you still want to visit the country, you will not run out of places to do it.

From visiting the famous Machu Picchu or the Colca Canyon to the Manú National Park to traveling to Lake Titicaca, spending a few days in the Paracas National Reserve, spending a night in the Huacachina Oasis, doing the Inca Trail, entering the mythical Amazonas, surfing on the coasts… Peru has many possibilities


This interests before taking the plane

If you belong to the Schengen area (Spain included) you can reside in the country for 90 days, within a period of 180) That is, every half year, you can stay for 3 months (extendable).

If you need a visa to travel to Peru, you should contact the consulate or embassy.

Although this destination is overcrowded by tourism and a large part of the population cares for foreigners. (as in all places), do not stray too far from busy areas and do not get into strange paths.

If you are determined to give your life a new direction… Go ahead! We are sure that Peru will not disappoint you.


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