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free online courses

Today there are dozens of websites where you can find free online courses . However, not all of them offer the course you need , and sometimes they are even somewhat vague. Therefore, if you are looking for a free online course to improve your skills and knowledge, here we are going to show you which are the 7 best websites to take free online courses .

One of the best options when looking for free online courses is to do it through the platforms that offer courses from renowned universities or organizations. In this sense, you ensure that the courses will be taught by renowned professors, and on many occasions, you will be able to obtain a certificate from a university or organization that guarantees that you have completed the course.

The truth is that online training is becoming a phenomenon that has changed the way of consuming learning. It offers the possibility of opting for a teaching that offers flexibility, allowing us to obtain distance knowledge in different areas from anywhere in the world, and we love this.

It is clear that education is changing, these platforms are part of it, the present and future of this change. A globalized education within everyone’s reach . There are no longer excuses for not training online through the internet.


What are the 7 web pages where you can take free online courses

Here we have selected a list of the best websites to take free online courses.



Coursera is the most relevant free online course website of all, a page that you should know if you want to take a free online course. Coursera offers 100% online learning from the best universities and companies in the world.

Through this platform, which was born in October 2011 and developed by academics from Stanford University, you can obtain training in different fields that range from art to biology, science, chemistry, economics, education, psychology, engineering, health, humanities , right,… among many others.

The courses are free, however, if you want to obtain the certificate, you must pay the corresponding fees.


Edx was launched in 2012 by the University of Massachusetts and Harvard University and is intended to offer free online courses at the university level.

Through this website of free online courses you can find the well-known Moocs, massive and open online courses that cover a large number of disciplines at no cost.

The platform has more than 2 million users and there are currently 47 institutes, non-profits, corporations, and international organizations offering courses on the edX website.


Learn for free

Learn Free is a Spanish website where you can access more than 2,000 free online courses on various topics. Most of the published courses belong to universities, companies and other resources of the Administration.

The platform uses a very simple interface where we find a page with all the courses that are available on the web as well as a menu where the courses are classified by the fields to which they belong. In this way, you can quickly find the training you need.


UniMOOC is a platform for free online courses for entrepreneurs . All the courses on this website are free, online and in Spanish.

Among the UniMOOC courses, you can find a Google Course on Entrepreneurship totally free, and with a certificate with the seal of some institution.

UNED open courses

The UNED (National University of Distance Education) also offers free courses that you can take from anywhere in the world.

These courses are freely accessible and you can start and finish them whenever you want, they do not have a set date. The free courses of the UNED do not offer any credit or any type of qualification.

The available categories are:

  • Business Administration.
  • Regional Geographic Analysis.
  • Geological cartography.
  • Sciences.
  • Technological Sciences.
  • Welcome Courses.
  • Constitutional right.
  • Development of generic skills.
  • Applied Economics and Economic History.
  • Education for health.
  • Vial education.
  • Philology.
  • Philosophy.
  • Geography.
  • Physical.
  • History of art.
  • Electrical, Electronic and Control Engineering.
  • Computer engineering.
  • Industrial engineering.
  • Fundamental Mathematics.
  • EPIC project.
  • Psychology.
  • DR Congo: Training.
  • Social services.
  • Electronic technology.
  • Environmental technologies.
  • Law teory.


Activate is a website for free online courses from Google . Through this page you can find free training in digital skills .

At the end of the Activate courses, you receive a certificate of achievement.

Among the different courses that you can take we find the following:

  • online marketing course
  • Online course of Digital Competences for professionals.
  • Electronic Commerce online course.
  • Online course on Digital Transformation for employment.
  • Cloud Computing online course.
  • App Development online course.
  • Web Development online course (I).
  • Web Development online course (II).
  • Personal Productivity online course.
  • Increases productivity at work.
  • Introduction to Machine Learning.
  • Improve the security of your company online.
  • Get your next job.
  • Introduction to the code.

Get trained for employment

It is an initiative of the Carlos Slim Foundation that offers free online courses to acquire skills and knowledge in different technical professions. All courses are endorsed by the Ministry of Public Education of Mexico, and also include a certificate after completing the training.

A reference web portal for online training in Spanish where we find courses on a wide variety of topics: administration, agriculture, technology, fashion, customer service, tourism, energy, health, industry, transport… among many others.

Would you add any web page of free courses in Spanish to this list?

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