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platforms sell books

One of the options to generate income working from home or from anywhere in the world as a digital nomad is the production and sale of books. It is a fairly passive method that, over time, can become a considerable source of income. In this article we are going to show you which are the best platforms to sell books today.

If you want to investigate a little more, here is a guide on how to sell books online to work from anywhere in the world.


Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

The king par excellence in many sectors. He began his journey in the year 2000, when ebooks were not yet very well known. Currently, Amazon controls more than 80% of the market in the country in the United States alone.

The leading alternative for independent authors. Why? Easy. Practically, the entire planet knows Amazon and the sale of books on this platform is on the rise. In addition, you are guided step by step to publish your ebook on Amazon in a simple way.

And the best thing is that Amazon will not charge you for publishing your book. That yes, it will charge you some royalties for sale (Something must be taken)



Bubok was a pioneer in showing itself to the world as a platform for the publication of books in Spanish. In addition, it offers the option to choose between electronic and paper books. Best of all, your work can reach more than 1,000 digital bookstores, including Amazon, Casa del Libro or even El Corte Inglés.

What is the least beautiful part? To sell books with the free plan you will not be able to become a recognized author, so most people who decide to sell their books with this platform end up choosing a payment plan.



Another well-known platform for selling books is Lulu. A platform especially known for its print-on-demand service. The best thing about this platform is that it allows you to learn about the self-publishing process and helps you publish your book both on its portal and on others.

Almost all of their services are free.

What do they keep? A porte leave for each sale you make. (Like Amazon)



This platform is especially suitable for books with quality images . This is the case of photography books, children’s stories, comics… You can publish both in ebook format and on paper.

Publishing with Blurb is pretty easy thanks to its templates and other layout tools. Also, if you are going to publish with Blurn you can make it compatible with Amazon Kindle, Android and Apple. (Something to have in mind)

A very useful tool that offers a lot of freedom when customizing . Something that is appreciated: after all, it is your work.



A highly recommended option if you want to send your book anywhere in the world. You just have to choose the country and set a price. It offers a very intuitive system that will not require major headaches on your part.

The commission system is similar to Amazon. It is established according to the Suggested Retail Price (SRP). Based on it, a certain commission will be left, which starts at 70% in case the sale price of your book is greater than €1.99.



Another of the big bets if you want to publish a book. And we don’t say it, it’s what the more than 130,000 authors who have already trusted them say. This platform has always trusted PayPal and continues to do so.

When you register you must link your PayPal account. After completing the steps, a link will be created that you can share on many other resources or websites.

And what do they gain? Commissions. In this case, commissions can reach 5%. (Not much if we compare it with others)



Ebook sales platform that, in addition to selling your book, will allow you to access a book sales affiliate program. The mechanism is simple: you manage to sell a book by another author and you get a commission for it.

You’ll be able to publish in various ways thanks to its ability to adapt to different formats and platforms such as Apple’s iBooks, Scribd or Kobo.

What is the drawback? That you are going to have to know how to defend yourself well in English because it is not translated. It is also not as easy to publish as Amazon or Lulu. Of course, it offers you a 90% profit.


Apple Books

Powerful online tool that allows you to be in categories with the great authors of each sector. The books offered on this website are sold through ibooks Author, a fairly intuitive Apple tool. Another option is to do it directly with Pager.

You can upload your book through an external aggregate or make a direct publication on the platform. It also offers the possibility of publishing directly on Apple, Ibooks, iPad, IPod…

Add a cover, set the price, put labels… A perfect option if you are looking for a platform that allows you to greatly customize your publication.


Google Play Books

This is another of the platforms to sell books similar to the system used by Apple. With this tool you can publish your books in electronic format to make yourself known through one of the most popular applications to download apps and ebooks. Less competition than Amazon and a large audience volume that can help you add sales more easily.

Although not as easy to publish as Amazon can be, publishing your book is free.


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