Best places to live in Portugal

best places live portugal

Thinking of starting from scratch? If so, and you want to go live in a foreign country, but not go too far (just in case), Portugal can be a good place to do it. And not only because of its proximity to Spain, but because it is a true paradise for entrepreneurs or digital nomads who want to enjoy a country that has a lot to give. Do you want to know which are the best places to live in Portugal? Here you have a list.



Who does not fall in love with its cobblestone streets, its ancient architecture and its “that something” that makes it so special?

Located on the southwestern coast , the nation’s capital has many types of lifestyles to offer: from high-traffic hotspots to out-of-the-way spots and near the coast. In addition, it is home to some of the most important monuments in the country, such as the 11th-century Castillo de San Jorge or the Torre de Belem.

All this, together with cafes, bars, restaurants and streets full of joy, makes it one of the best places to live if you like cities with “life”.



Porto is another of the places to live in Portugal. It is located along the Douro River, just in the north of the country. Porto is the second largest city in the country and, in fact, even has its own airport.

It is considered the main “rival” with Lisbon and its center is declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO . That is why if you are looking for a city with few tourists… Porto is not yours. (at least the center).

If you want to go live in Porto yes or yes. You can always opt for places far from the center where you can also get rental houses at much lower prices. The new neighborhood, located to the south of the city, is a clear example of this.


The Algarve

best places algarve

This region is situated between Faro and Sagres. It has some of the most popular beaches in the country and the most famous golf courses for fans. The best? Without a doubt, its climate. That is why it is one of the most famous places for people who want to enjoy sun, beach and pleasant temperatures all year round.

Yes indeed. Everything is paid. That is why prices are somewhat more expensive in this city than in other similar ones.



Just 10 km south of the border with Spain . This small town is the historic gateway to Portugal. In fact, Chaves means: keys. This city is well known for having spas and thermal baths of international prestige. An example is the Caldas da Rainha baths , used since Roman times to treat various ailments.

This city is known for being a humble city with short summers and long cool winters. The good thing is that it connects perfectly with the rest of the country and has nearby airports in case you fancy a season on a paradisiacal island.



Braga is located in the north of the country and is the third largest city after Lisbon and Porto. It is the oldest city in Portugal and a place to get lost in its streets, cafes or luxury boutiques. Braga is also home to the most famous churches in the country, such as the one on the hillside of Bom Jesus do Monte .

 But just because it is the oldest city does not mean that the modern era does not flood everything. In fact, it is a city with avant-garde buildings and where industry is important.



Aveiro is located right in the center of the country and is known as the Portuguese Venice due to its canals and colorful gondolas.

Despite what it may seem, it receives less tourism than, for example, Lisbon or Braga, so it is an option to go and live if you like tranquility.

Its center is modern and special areas for pedestrians and cyclists have been incorporated today. As a result it has become very popular for people looking for a safe and familiar environment. In addition, it offers good connections with Porto and Lisbon , another second prize added.



It is located halfway between Lisbon and Porto. It was the capital of Portugal during medieval times and is home to the oldest university in the country. It has a great quality of life at affordable prices, making it a popular destination, especially for retired people.

The downtown area is in great demand by the student sector, but on the outskirts of the city you can find areas with land where you can get your own house with a garden.



This city is close to Lisbon, which has made it become one of the places to live in Portugal. It is in the heart of the sardine industry and is known for its Muscatel wine.

It has lively food markets and the best thing if you want to move to Portugal: a wide range of properties at affordable prices.


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