7 Best countries to go to live and work

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No matter how old you are, surely if this title has caught your attention, it is that you need changes in your life. Perhaps you have just finished your studies and you do not know what to do with your life , or you simply have a monotonous job that you are not passionate about and you want a change of scenery, or you simply need to reconnect with yourself… But somewhere else. If so, we have a list of the 7 best countries to live and work. In this way you will be able to start from scratch, find love, reinvent yourself or simply… Live.



If you’re afraid to cross the pond or go to a place with a culture very different from yours, don’t worry. You may find the answer a few kilometers from where you currently live.

Portugal is one of the countries that is on the list of reference countries to live. It is a country that offers a quality of life that will undoubtedly make you surrender at its feet. People who will love to welcome you with open arms and beaches where you can lose yourself for a few days.

Its price of life is one of the cheapest in Europe (It all depends on what you mean by cheap, of course).

In addition, it is displacement is this country is like, the roads are moderately good and the distances are not very long.

A great idea to start from scratch, but without going too far.



An authentic paradise and not only because of the beauty and the dream places that it offers.

Malaysia has one of the most prestigious health systems in the world.

Its culinary culture will make you see that there is life beyond Western gastronomy and also its countrymen will welcome you as if you were one of them.

It is easy to access the most inhospitable places and its climate accompanies most of the year.

As for their lifestyle, tranquility is one of the main protagonists. Simply, sitting down to enjoy a sunset with your freshly squeezed fruit juice and your laptop “on fire”.

A pleasure of this life.


Costa Rica

If you want to discover South America, Costa Rica is undoubtedly one of the best countries to do so. If something characterizes this country, it is its security. Very wide if we compare it with other places on the continent.

It offers a quality of life that simply invites you to explore its corners without fear, with confidence and also enjoy its many job opportunities.

Oddly enough, Costa Rica is a place where work just flows.



We can not forget about Taiwan . It has one of the best health systems in the world. This is due to its strategic position and its alliances with other countries. Something that causes anyone with the desire to prosper to find job opportunities.

Its culture is friendly, it will not hesitate to welcome you with all the affection of its villagers.



Work and live in Canada

We are not going to lie to you, Canada is a demanding country.

It has nothing to do with countries where calm is the fundamental property.

This country offers an exclusive living condition, but it also requires that the people who live there know how to see this opportunity.

If you are a born entrepreneur or if you are willing to work hard, Canada will know how to answer you with unique job opportunities and a quality of life that is among the best in the world.

Its educational system is in the ranking of the best and in addition, its ease of access to higher education makes it a perfect place if what you want is to continue your studies in another country.



Singapore is another of the best countries to live and work. In addition, a destination where you can also improve your level of English.

If you master this language, you will also have access to one of the best universities in the world in terms of technology and finance.

In fact, the best professionals in this sector have been trained in this type of country.

And, although it is located in one of the best places to live, you should know that it also has one of the places with the highest standard of living.

A rent on the outskirts of the city “average” can reach 1,000 USD. Just under €1,000.

Of course, the average salaries are 3,000 USD per month.

If you decide to go to study there it will not be easy for you. You will need to bring a cover letter and have very good grades.

Of course, once you enter a university you can request a permit to look for work and best of all, after two years, you can have residence for life.

The pandemic has given us a lot to think about. Reflect on what we really want and what we don’t want in our lives and not only you have thought of starting from scratch in another country.

But before launching into the adventure, stop to think. Not all countries are the same. Not all of them offer the same possibilities or living conditions.

You can always try a remote job , and visit each of the places for a while to discover which destination is where you really want to be.


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