The best applications to make video calls

best applications video calls

Do you want to know which are the best applications to make video calls ? They have come to stay. Applications to make video calls have gained more fame than they already had. The reason? Much of it is due to the confinement we are experiencing due to COVID-19 and the rising trend of remote employment.

When physical meetings are not possible, either due to distance or simply for convenience, these types of applications are extremely useful. We are going to show you several alternatives so that you can decide which type of application for video calls best suits your work and life.

Google Meet is one of the great applications to make video calls for free. A very useful resource that is also integrated into Gmail, so you can make calls quickly.

One of its advantages is that, if you have a Google account, you already have a Google Meet account. In addition, you can access both from your computer and from your mobile with its app.



Skype is the application to make group calls par excellence and today, one of the most used. This app offers the possibility of talking to up to 10 people. (25 if it is only audio call). It offers a good service in terms of call quality, both video and audio.

If you want more participants… you can always pay for one of its Premium versions.

It is available for both mobiles and computers and also offers options such as:

  • Share the screen.
  • Put a background (So no one sees your Depeche mode poster; )
  • Perform translations in real time.
  • Insert emoticons in the chat…



WhatsApp started as an instant messaging app, now it is also an application to make video calls or group calls. Of course, only four people can do it at the same time. Ideal if you have several partners in different countries or want to contact your work group easily.

This application also has a web version with which you will be able to send messages (but not video calls) So if you want this last function, it must be through a mobile or tablet.



FaceTime is the company’s own voice and video calling app and is available for iOS 12.1, iPad, and Mac OS devices.

You can enjoy video calls up to 32 people . Disadvantage? Only those who have Apple can access. Something that limits the function quite a bit.

The best thing is that you don’t have to register anywhere either. If you have an Apple account, you also have a FaceTime account.


Google Duo

Google Duo is Google’s messaging app. With it you will be able to make video calls with up to 8 people and it also has compatible versions for both Android and iOS, iPad iOS and the web version.

The best? Its audio and sound quality and an option that adjusts the tone when the light conditions are not very good.



Discord arrives stomping. This application is free and allows you to create different servers with channels to chat on. And not only that, within each one specific channels can be reserved for conversations only with voice or video calls of up to 50 users.

In addition, it offers options for screen sharing, desktop version or mobile applications and bot system to add more value.



Zoom is another of the best-known applications, especially by entrepreneurs or digital nomads who need to talk to partners or part of their team comfortably, quickly and with good image and sound quality.

You can make video calls with up to 100 people .

The bad? They only allow you 40 minutes. If you want more, you will have to get the Premium version. It is necessary to register in advance and you will be able to access the conversations through both Android and IOS or your computer.



Gruveo is an application that has been in the sector for many years. It is not necessary to make a previous registration nor, in fact, an account is needed to access. You just have to enter their website, choose the name of the channel and start sharing the link so that more participants join.

In this application, up to 12 participants are allowed at the same time and something very interesting: you can record the conferences you have (something that is usually a paid option).



Instagram is not only a social network to use. You can also chat and make video calls with up to 4 people. How? Accessing the Direct section.

It works similarly to WhatsApp. To make a video call you must first create a group and start the call. The bad? It can only be done from the computer.



Snapchat is still booming thanks to the thousand and one funny images that we can make with it. This social network allows video calls of up to 15 people.

It may not be a very professional network, but if you want something different, or just chat with a close friend about your next project, it can be a good option.


Facebook Messenger

Facebook has also included group video calls for years. The limit of people was set at 50 maximum.

Does it hit her? Only 6 will be able to broadcast by video . The rest can only do it with voice.

In addition, if social networks are not your thing, you will have to “get into the rag” and create an account on Facebook. You can always leave it blank or add some content that adds value and presence as a personal or company brand. In fact, if you are going to use it to make calls professionally, this would be the most appropriate.

Now tell us…

Which of these applications to make video calls do you prefer?


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