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microsoft word alternatives

A university job, a resume or your cover letter, writing an article… It really doesn’t matter, when we talk about word processors we always think of one: Microsoft Word. Although it is true that it is the best known, there are alternatives to Word that can help you to have all kinds of functions in the same program and do a job of 10.

We are going to show you which are the best alternatives to Microsoft Word so that you can choose your own word processor.


Google Docs

Google Docs has become in recent years a word processor used by individuals and work groups. It is included as part of the Google suite for free.

The best?

Not only will you be able to access your email account, you will also be able to access your spreadsheet, make presentations or even forms in a simple way. But the thing does not end there. You will be able to access all this content from your computer, your tablet or your phone.


If you want to use this type of processor on your computer, you’re going to have to download Chrome to get the most out of it. In case of downloading it on a mobile device or Tablet, there is not so much problem. You can use it even when you have an internet connection.


Apple Pages

Did you think Apple was going to be left behind? If you have a Mac at some point you may have seen: Pages , a word processor that Apple created to compete with Word and Google Docs.

The best?

It is completely free and not only allows you to install it on your macOS computer. If you’re an Apple fan, you can also use it on iPhone or iPad and access all the content, even when you have a connection or data. Use it comfortably on all devices and synchronize it through iCloud (The cloud).


Obviously, if you don’t have a computer or Apple device, you’ll have to choose another word processor.


WPS Writer

WPS Writer is another of the alternatives to Microsoft Word. This tool offers applications developed by the Chinese company Kingsoft Office. In fact, if you have a small brand mobile, it is very possible that you have this processor integrated into your phone from the factory to view or edit documents.

The best?

It is available for Windows, Linux, iOS and Android and will allow you to easily open, edit and share files. In addition, it supports most of the formats that Word does, so you won’t have incompatibility problems.


If you want to access all its features you will have to get the PRO version. In any case, its free version is more than enough for basic and more complex functions.


LibreOffice Writer

LibreOffice Writer is another of the alternatives to Microsoft Word that has more followers. It is a complete package that, in addition to the text editor, also includes very useful tools such as a spreadsheet editor or a tool with which to create presentations.

The best?

It is very similar to Word in appearance. In fact, it’s hard to tell if you’re using Word or LibreOffice because of their similarities. In addition, it is compatible with all the Office formats that exist and is available for both Windows and Linux or macOS.


This word processor is not going to save you anything in the cloud. That is, you will have to save the documents as it has always been done.


Word Online Microsoft

World Online Microsoft is another of the options presented, especially if you don’t want or can’t have a program installed on your computer… Or if you simply want to access it from your mobile to edit or create a document, Word has a version on-line.

The best?

It offers full synchronization in Onedrive through your Microsoft account and also the option to create collaborative documents.


Its online function may be somewhat more limited than what we find in normal mode.


Dropbox Paper

Dropbos Paper is another of the alternatives to Microsoft Word that there are today. Surely you know Dropbox for being one of the most renowned cloud storage platforms. However, this function is somewhat more unknown.

The best?

It is a fully functional text editor with a minimalist design that not only syncs in the cloud, allows you to share documents and integrates services to improve the productivity of a work team such as Google Drive , Trello or even Spotify .


Although it is free, if you are going to handle a large flow of documents and jobs, you will have to choose a more advanced plan.


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