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About Humboldt University in Berlin

Two hundred years ago, in 1810, Berlin, Wilhelm von Humboldt vision of a new kind of university became a reality . The newly founded Prussian alma mater was the first to introduce the research and teaching unit, to uphold the ideal of unrestricted research, and to provide a well-rounded education for its students. These principles of Wilhelm von Humboldt and a select group of contemporaries soon became general practice throughout the world. A new era of university and academic research had begun.


International Profile

The international profile of the university of Humboldt zu Berlin is not only evident in the breadth and depth of its international teaching and research cooperations with partners abroad. It can also be seen in the intercultural background of its researchers and students. 

Approx. 36,000 students, 16% of whom are international students, currently enjoy the ideal general conditions offered by the city of Berlin and the advantages of studying at a university with a consolidated tradition such as Humboldt University. In addition, some 420 professors and more than 1,900 professors participate in teaching and research at our university, of which around 20% come from abroad.. These figures underline the excellent reputation Humboldt-Universität enjoys throughout the world.

The  Times Higher Education World University Ranking  places Humboldt-Universität at position 80 . On the competitive front in Germany, its international and interdisciplinary approach to research and teaching has secured Humboldt-Universität, together with its partners in the  Berlin University Alliance, a leading position in the Excellence Strategy of the national and regional governments of Germany.


Information for students from abroad (Berlin, Humboldt university)

Humboldt University is delighted to host international students for a semester or a year. The diversity of knowledge and the variations in its teaching are key to Humboldt’s idea of ​​education. International students who want to spend part of their course at Humboldt-Universitaet or who have enrolled here for a degree are especially welcome. 

They contribute their academic experience and international perspectives to the academic forum, giving Humboldt students the opportunity to experience other types of knowledge and other cultures in higher education.. We are convinced that you will be able to achieve the learning outcomes you set out to achieve both academically and culturally while absorbing Humboldt-style knowledge.

Please note that international students who are not part of an exchange program and do not have a scholarship from an approved funder may only enroll as non-degree students in exceptional cases.

What study programs does this university in Berlin offer?

Here is a list of the international programs offered for foreigners in Germany:


For more information about these programs and how to apply, you can access a guide by clicking HERE.



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