Accommodation in Ireland Where do I start looking?

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If you are thinking of traveling to Ireland for a season, either for work, to learn English, or even both, you should know how to find accommodation in Ireland. To do this, through this article we are going to show you the different options that are available when looking for accommodation in this European destination so popular with people from all over the world.

Ready for the trip?

What options are there to stay in Ireland

As in most countries, there are different options to stay in Ireland. Everything will depend on what you are looking for: comfort, prices, a youthful atmosphere, being alone… We will see below what these options are and you decide which one you prefer.

Hostel in Ireland

It is not easy to find accommodation in Ireland, even more so if you want to do it in Dublin (but not easy does not mean impossible). We recommend that whenever you can, visit the place before renting it. Sometimes photos and/or comments can be very misleading.

Many people go on an adventure and decide to find accommodation once they are there, the ideal is to book at least a few days in a hostel or hostel until you find something. To find a hotel or hostel where you can move “temporarily” you can use the following websites:

The best hostels in Dublin (according to price and location), are:

  • Jacob’s Inn – A central yet affordable student and travel hostel that doesn’t require overly demanding guests. All rooms have a bathroom and there are individual and shared rooms. Best of all, breakfast is always included and there are free excursions or lazy nights every week.
  • Mount Eccles Court – Also located in the same center. (And very close to the shopping area). Just 10 minutes from the bar area and very close to emblematic places such as The O2 auditorium, the Spire of Dublin or Trinity College. It is ideal for people who travel with their backpack in tow , but need affordable accommodation that allows them to continue traveling the world. Private bathroom, Wi-Fi, the possibility of entering and leaving 24 hours a day… Who gives more?
  • Four Courts Hostel – Next to the bar area and with many rooms where you can enjoy Wi-Fi and free calls to anywhere in the world. In addition, it offers a bus service to the airport, so you won’t have to worry about a thing when you arrive. One of its strengths is that it offers very good views of the Lifferya River and is also close to the main transport lines. In short, a hostel to experience the city with all its essence.
  • Kinlay House – Close to the area of ​​bars, cafes and main bus stops that will take you to any part of the city in no time. All its rooms (individual and shared) have bathrooms and it also offers hot water 24 hours a day (as well as its reception). And if you want to have a “social life” you can go to its dining room and enjoy its large 42º screen, or go on an excursion to the Guinness brewery.
  • Generator Hostel Smithfield – Recently opened, this hotel is very close to the nationally and internationally known Jamenson Distillery . Within its facilities you can find a night bar (so, if you spend drinks, you will have a bed nearby). Just a 10-minute walk away you can find the famous Dublin Castle. Evening shows, snacks, a lounge open all day and of course: free Wi-fi in all its facilities.

Student residences in Dublin

Perhaps the option of a hostel is not for you and what you are looking for is to go to study or start a business. In that case, you can opt for student residences where, in addition to having affordable prices, you can meet many people who add value to you. Or simply improve the language (which is already worth its weight in gold). The price can vary between €100 (in shared rooms) and €200 per week.

These are some of the best student residences in Dublin:

  • Dublin Eazydublin Student Residence – Founded in 204, this residence offers accommodation in the heart of Dublin. Ideal if you are looking for a job in the country and want to take a language course. You have single and shared rooms. The good thing is that almost all expenses are included in the price (Food apart).
  • Student Residence University College Dublin – A university that offers its residence to accommodate up to 3,000 students a year. The good thing about this residence is that it offers many options: from single to shared accommodation, through accommodation that includes dinner and breakfast.
  • Aungier Street Student Residence – Located very close to Dublin’s main shopping area. In its facilities you can enjoy a young atmosphere and, in addition, with all kinds of comforts at your fingertips. Being located in the center and because of the type of people who go, if you are one of those people who likes silence, look for another option.

Rooms for rent in Ireland (Accommodation in Ireland)

Finding a flat to rent in Ireland is not easy . As is the case in other large world cities, such as Madrid, where finding an apartment that is cheap and with a good location is somewhat difficult to achieve. That is why more and more rooms are being rented. In this way the possibilities are multiplied.

From now on we tell you that if you find a room that is at a good price and is located in a good place , do not think twice . The next time you go to visit it, it will no longer be available.

Before moving or giving money, ask for a contract and account that, at least, they will ask you for a month’s deposit. Patience and time are required to find a room that suits what you are looking for. It depends a lot on how you choose to live and what needs are or are not essential for you.

Some of the websites where you can find rooms for rent are:


In addition to being able to access dozens of rooms in Dublin or another city in Ireland, through Spotahome you can also rent entire accommodations directly. The best thing is that many of them are already verified.

You can easily book online, you will find photographs, videos and real descriptions of the accommodation so that you can make the decision with total security.

Where is the best place to stay in Ireland?

If you cannot choose, you have no other choice, but if you have a choice, you can consider different possibilities to stay. Depending on this factor, the price will vary, and a lot.

Staying in Dublin, for example, is what is going to cost you the most. Renting a single room can cost you no less than €500.

Cork is the second largest city in the country and it is also expensive. Aguilar a shared room can cost you around €200

Galway is not one of the largest cities in the country, but it is one of the most important. It is a city with a strong university atmosphere, but its small size means that there is not much housing on offer. You can find accommodation from €300.

It is not easy to find an accommodation in Ireland that fits exactly what you are looking for. So be patient: what is yours will come and that dream accommodation with which to go to study or work in Ireland, too.


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